Appointing David Moyes in the near future

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    Appointing David Moyes in the near future

    Alex Keble takes a look at the three Premier League managers on the verge of losing their job and assesses which of them will win the sack race… You can refer lớn the best free soccer prediction share with us!
    Marco Silva - 3/1

    The Everton manager looked certain lớn get the sack at the beginning of this week following a catastrophic 2-0 defeat at home to Norwich City - arguably the worst result of his tenure in charge - but reports on Tuesday have seen his football predictions.
    Owner Farhad Moshiri has given Silva at least another week in the job simply because Everton lack an obvious alternative, per the Mirror, with the mooted short-term appointment of David Moyes on hold as Moshiri considers the potential repercussions.
    Toffees' supporters aren't thrilled at the idea of a return to more negative football, and Moshiri is hesitating after making so many managerial mistakes. Hiring Sam Allardyce for a fire-fighter role in the middle of the 2017/18 campaign was a huge error. Moshiri is wary appointing Moyes might repeat the cycle.
    And that cycle, lurching from progressive tacticians to defensive organisers, is precisely why Silva was never likely to succeed at Everton. The team is littered with possession-centric players from the Ronald Koeman era, one-dimensional footballers from the Allardyce days, and now technically-gifted but lightweight players signed by the soon-to-be-departing manager.
    Silva's fate is already sealed. Nobody recovers from such open pursuit of other managerial options, and he will soon be gone no matter the result at Leicester City on Saturday. It would certainly be a brave man to take on a disjointed and confused Everton squad as they enter a devilishly difficult Christmas run that includes Liverpool, Chelsea, Man Utd, and Arsenal. Eddie Howe and Mikel Arteta are reportedly uninterested.
    Fans will argue that anyone is better than Silva at this point. The Portuguese has failed to instil a clear tactical identity, with familiar weaknesses from his time at Watford undermining Silva's vague attempts to play direct, high-pressing, full-back-focused attacking football. Everton have been dreadful defending set-pieces and hopeless in the transitions.
    They have also looked generally lethargic for months now, perhaps reflecting the number of their players who took a step down lớn join the club. It is hard to get players lớn fight for a collective goal when they're on their way down from Barcelona, Man Utd, Arsenal, Tottenham, or Man City, and particularly when that goal - lớn finish sixth rather than eighth - is pretty uninspiring to begin with.
    Silva will limp on lớn Monday morning, but not beyond that. At 3/1 now is a good time lớn bet; already hovering over the red button, Moshiri could certainly pull the trigger a couple of hours before Arsenal.

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