Brazil v Paraguay: Hosts should make serene progress to Copa América last four

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    Brazil v Paraguay: Hosts should make serene progress to Copa América last four

    Jack Lang is expecting the Seleção to brush Eduardo Berizzo's men aside in Porto Alegre- According to the soccer tips betting page!
    Brazil v Paraguay
    Friday, 01:30
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    Hosts hoping for take-off

    Brazilian fans are impatient at the best of times, and after the Seleção got off to a mediocre start in the Copa América - a drab win over Bolivia was followed by a goalless draw with Venezuela - a few old gripes came to the surface. The team was not shooting enough, not dribbling enough and generally not doing enough to get supporters onside, ran the argument, with coach Tite coming under fire just when he should have been celebrating three years in charge.
    Their final group game, against Peru, brought some solace. A scrappy opener and a gift of a second allowed Brazil to settle, relax and construct play more calmly. Three more goals flowed, and a weight was lifted. It is still a lingering concern that Brazil need an early lead lớn perform lớn their best soccer vip tip, but this at least demonstrated that there is a team there, even without catalyst Neymar.
    Tite does have one problem lớn work around on Thursday night: Casemiro is suspended. It has not escaped the attention of the local press that the last time he missed a quarter-final, Brazil lost to Belgium in the World Cup. His replacement on that occasion, Fernandinho, is likely to fill the role again in Porto Alegre, provided he shakes off a knock; the question is whether he can perform better than he did on that night in Kazan.
    Paraguay already pushing their luck

    The format of the Copa América was always likely lớn produce at least one lucky quarter-finalist, but Paraguay's presence in the final eight really does beggar belief. They qualified from Group B with just two points, having failed to beat Qatar, drawn with an appalling Argentina side and lost to Colombia's reserves. 'Jammy' doesn't even begin to cover it.
    If you were being extremely generous, you could say that they deserved more from the Argentina game. But their overall trajectory has been downward, with a fast start against Qatar giving way lớn defensive slackness and no real pattern lớn their attacks. Derlis González and Miguel Almirón have had their moments, but they're reliant on individual inspiration rather than any great plan.

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