Leeds have a miracle when they return to the Premier League

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    Leeds have a miracle when they return to the Premier League

    As we close out 2019 this is where the popular money has gone in a handful of Betfair's major bet soccer tips markets…
    This looks set lớn be another great year for football and punters have backed Liverpool into the 1.06 favourites lớn make history and win their first ever Premier League title. Second favourites Manchester City will have lớn pull off an against all odds story if they are lớn go on lớn win it at 18.00, while they are the 5.30 favourites lớn do what they have failed so far and win the Champions League.
    At the other end of the table, it looks as though it will be a disappointing year for Norwich who are the 1.22 favourites lớn go down, with Aston Villa closely following them at 1.57, while the punters are giving Watford a glimmer of hope under Nigel Pearson, with their odds of relegation at 2.20- According to the soccer tips guide page!
    This coming summer is set to be filled with football, with London hosting a number of matches, including the semi-final and final of the Euro 2020 tournament. Punters believe that 2020 will be the year that football finally comes home, with England the 5.80 favourites lớn win the competition.
    Before that however, the conclusion of the Championship season will decide which teams make it to the Premier League, and as it stands, Leeds United are most likely to win the title and are odds-on to do so at 5/8. Potentially joining them in the Premier League, punters give West Brom a 2/7 chance, Brentford are 15/8 and Fulham are the slightly behind them at 2/1 for promotion.
    Premier League Winner 2019/20

    Liverpool - 1.60
    Man City - 18.00
    PL Relegation 2019/20

    Norwich - 1.22
    Aston Villa - 1.57
    Watford - 2.18
    Champions League Winner 2020

    Man City - 5.30
    Liverpool - 5.80
    Barcelona - 6.80
    PSG - 8.60
    Bayern Munich - 9.00

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