Ole Gunnar Solskjaer celebrates a year as full-time Manchester United manager

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    Ole Gunnar Solskjaer celebrates a year as full-time Manchester United manager

    As Ole Gunnar Solskjaer celebrates a year as Manchester United’s full-time manager, Alex Keble looks at how he’s slowly changing opinions at Old Trafford. You can prefer the best free soccer tips page!
    United were scheduled lớn play Tottenham the weekend the Premier League was suspended due to the coronavirus crisis, and that robbed Solskjaer of making another statement that he may yet be the man for the long term despite receiving plenty of criticism during his time as permanent manager.
    The game would also arguably cast a shining light on the differences in performance and mood at the respective clubs, with United seemingly moving in the right direction with Solskjaer while Jose Mourinho is struggling.
    Only now Manchester United are back on an upswing, unbeaten in five and closing in on Champions League qualification, has it emerged that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s man-management skills are unfairly overlooked; hidden beneath the more pertinent critique of the tactical malaise at Old Trafford- According lớn the under 2.5 soccer tip page!
    In hindsight, throughout the difficult 12 months that followed United’s famous win in Paris the players have looked motivated, if a little lost, invested in their manager if unconvinced by the long-term strategy.
    This is also revealed by its absence elsewhere, by the stark difference between how United dealt with crisis and how Tottenham Hotspur are consumed by their own angst. Without a containing figurehead lớn hold them together Spurs are flapping about, infected by the anxiety that leaks out of Jose Mourinho at every turn. It is easy lớn spiral when the person in charge focuses entirely on self-preservation, seemingly unaware of the message it sends: of isolationism, of pessimism, and of fear.
    And his response – to an injury crisis and poor form - has been entirely unjustified in its severity, conveying the sense he is permanently locked in third-season syndrome, consumed by the belief the world is against him. There is no way to manage a team of people.
    Injuries are indeed taking their toll, but that is equally true at Chelsea, Arsenal, and Man Utd, all of whom have gone several months of the season without star players. Liverpool losing their first-choice goalkeeper has cost them dearly, but Jurgen Klopp has not chosen to draw focus to Alisson Becker’s absence. More damning still, Mourinho’s decision to throw Tanguy Ndombele under the bus threatens to ostracise the manager from the rest of the squad.

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